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Mar 27-Modernist Journals Project

For Wednesday you should read the four poems listed below within their original context in journals on the Modernist Journals Project website. Once you’re on the page, be sure to click on the link for the journal title to read about the journal itself. Once you have read all four poems, you should pick one journal and answer the following questions (responses should be 2 pages total):

1. What does the format of the journal (cover, general content, advertisements, layout, font set, end matter, etc) tell you about the journal’s intended audience? How does this journal compare to the other three?

2. How do any illustrations in the journal fit into this?

3. What about the poem we read in this issue? How does it fit in? How does its context in the journal shape the way that you read it? Make sure you look up information about the author of the poem.

Blast, No. 1


p. 48–Ezra Pound, “His Vision of a Certain Lady Post-Mortem”

The Owl, No. 3


p. 3–Thomas Hardy, “The Missed Train”

The American Magazine, Vol. 70, No. 6


p. 715-716–Rudyard Kipling, “IF-”

The Crisis, Vol. 7, No. 2


p. 91–Fenton Johnson, “Children of the Sun”

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